Meet The Campanelli's


Joe campanelli
president & ceo

Before making QVC his home for selling products, Joe was in the home care business most of his adult life, having owned and operated several home and floor-care centers in New Jersey, California, and Florida. His working with customers one on one for many years has given him the understanding that customers want products that are affordable and that truly work. Most importantly, he understands that customers want to be treated fairly during and after the purchase. It is this philosophy that continues to be the "Campanelli" business model. Now, after 15 years of selling products on TV, Joe is focusing more on developing and manufacturing products for your home, while his younger brother Chris and other guests takes to the airwaves demonstrating their line of innovative products. When Joe's not helping to make your daily tasks even easier, he's moonlighting as an award winning screenwriter and film producer!


chris campanelli
vice president & coo

Chris is Joe's younger brother and has spent more than 10 years "behind the camera", but is now forging his way as the On-Air guest for Campanelli Products on QVC. Chris is responsible for running much of the company including general operations, vendor relations, assisting in product development and photography. Chris's true passion is cooking and is the gourmet in the family. His real world experience in the kitchen is the driving force behind our development of quality products for the home cook.


stella campanelli
ops & product development

Stella is Chris's wife and is a jack of all trades. She is responsible for running the day to day including accounting, logistics, and personally seeing to every customers needs and “after the sale” concerns. She is also an award winning and published designer. Her input in product development keeps us "on trend".


joyce campanelli
Product Testing, Development, and Presentation

Joyce is Joe's wife of 30 years. With two children, a grandson and seven Yorkies (plus Joe), her real world experiences have played an important role in our product testing and development. You may also recognize Joyce as our primary product demonstration model for all of our pre-recorded video demonstrations aired nationwide on QVC and on our website.


santino campanelli
creative + digital marketing

Santino is the amazing, wonderful, handsome, and totally humble son of Joe and Joyce Campanelli. Man of many words, often too many... in fact, he's actively restraining himself from writing too much about himself right now. Filmmaker, musician, designer, marketing mastermind, and the guy who sets up dad's email on his iPhone. Santino is a man of many talents and even more verbose verbiage. From behind his keyboard and monitor, he brings you the digital face of Campanelli Products. When he's not directing and producing award winning feature films with his father Joe, he's working on adorable commercials for our very own products! Yay Santino! :)



Linda is our eyes and ears overseas. She works tirelessly with our overseas manufacturers assuring quality control is maintained throughout the production process. Linda also works closely with Stella making sure all products are shipped on schedule. They’re the logistical powerhouses that keep us and all of our products on schedule.